Saturday, July 16, 2011


Oh sweet Lord do I have a treat for you!  Remember on yesterday's post how I was talking about how much I love meeting people at the Farmer's Market?  Well, yesterday this lovely lady Sandie came to my booth and we got to talking about crafting - I know, how strange? :)  Anyways, she was telling me about this amazing blog that she looks at and how she learned how to make her own embossing folders.  What?  Yes, she makes her own embossing folders.  So she emailed me the link to this amazing blog. 

Holy cannoli is this girl amazing!  I spent my two coffee drinking hours looking through all of the outrageously crafty things she's got on there.  Once I finally picked up jaw up off the floor, I remembered the reason I was on her site.  Making custom embossing folders.

Here's what it looks like.

I went out to the porch and dug around in the recycling for an old cereal box which I then punched the heck out of to get all of these little leaves. 

Using the tan rubber mat and some layers of card stock I ran this sucker through my Big Shot and WOW!  It really works!  I jumped the gun a little and skipped the modgepodge stage since I don't have any right now and am FAR too impatient to wait to try this until I get some.  I think it would probably be a little crisper because it will be harder, but you get the point.

EEE!!!  Custom embossed paper!  (If you know me, I am doing an arm spazz right now!!)  I just can't get over how cool this is.

As amazing as this is, I can take zero credit on it.  Totally got the idea from Mel.  Here's the link to the page that describes how to do it.

Awesome Custom Embossing Goodness 

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Mel for sharing!!!

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  1. Blush! So glad you had fun with it. It's definitely as softer look than the plastic folders, but fun... :) Thanks again for your sweetness. Hugs