Friday, July 22, 2011

Call Me Crazy

I'm pretty sure this is where I'm headed - soon.  In my state of boredom due to bad weather, I've been going a little overboard with the crafting.  It's pretty much been raining here for 3 straight weeks, so I've been in my craft room for three straight weeks.  When the rain stops and the sun peeks out I run out to the yard to catch some much needed vitamin D, but I'm still inside way more than I should be.

Last week I had a brainwave that told me that I should get a booth for the Fall Fair.  Hmm.  Sounded like a good idea at the time.  So I went into town and talked with the lovely lady running the show, and she convinced me that it would be a great idea.  I filled in the paperwork, wrote a cheque, and voila! I'm in.  Holy you-know-what.

Now what?

Now I'm wracking my brain trying to come up with ideas for what the heck I can make to fill up a whole booth.  Here's what I've got so far:  I'll make LOTS of cards (obviously) and a bunch of altered journals since these seem to be very popular.  The fair is in September so I'm going to make a series of Christmas-themed items like tags, little gift boxes, pillow boxes, gift card holders, etc.  (Don't tell my husband that I just ordered an obscene amount of dies and supplies for this.)  I saw this cute little tag that has a little saying about you brewing a cup of tea at a certain time, "something something half past three.  I'll think of you, you'll think of me."  It's a little card that you put a tea bag in and attach to a card/gift, so I'll do up some of those.  I have a few of the flowers dies that I'll use with those ridiculously huge paper clips to make bookmarks out of, probably stick magnets to some too.  Ooh, and Snowman Soup.  Awesome.

That's a far as my ideas go.  Anyone have some amazing ideas that I can steal for making stuff using SU products that will wow people and make them want to form a Stamp Club or host classes/workshops?  I would love love love to hear what you've got to say.  I've got a little less than 2 months to get things ready, but really, only until about the last week of August because at that time I'm gearing up to return to work for another 10 months with teenagers.

Please help!

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