Friday, July 29, 2011

New Toys

Shh... Don't tell my husband that yesterday I got a box full of new dies.  (Luckily for me he was out riding his bike when Purolator showed up.  I ripped the box from his hands, tore the wrappings off of all the goodies inside, threw them in a plastic bag, and immediately took the evidence out to the curb.  God bless the garbage man that shows up on Thursday.)  Since committing myself to the Fall Fair (see previous post about my questionable sanity) I decided that I needed some dies to help me make some projects.  The Matchbox die was first on the list.  Small things are always cute, and this box holds true to that.  It's friggin' adorable actually.  I had a good time making the little covers fun.  Inside I stashed some Hersey's kisses

Fun Flowers was also in my newest order, and I made a few of these up last night to see how well they'd sell.  Turns out, pretty well!  I sold out of them!  I'm going to make a LOT more for next week and even get started on a stash for the fall.  I really like making these little flowers.  I love the way the paper crinkles up like that.  A little vanilla smooch shimmer and they were ready to go!  Scale wise, I don't think you can really tell, but these paperclips are 4" long.  They're just awesome little bookmarks.

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