Sunday, July 17, 2011

Card Buffet (Workshop)

Here's my newest workshop!  I'm going out on a limb here and trying something crazy.  I'd love it if a few of you girls that read this regularly (you know who you are) would grab a few friends and sign up for this one.  It's a pretty long one (three hours) so it would make for a good girls afternoon or night (wine anyone?).  For those of you with a small person (I mean child, not vertically challenged), you could divide the cards between you and each make 4.  I could also make up a few special kid-friendly options if you let me know you'd like that.  This workshop obviously offers a greater selection than the others due to the higher volume of cards you'll be turning out.  The difference here is that I won't be instructing you on how to do certain techniques.  Of course I will help you if there's something unfamiliar, but I won't be standing up there teaching everyone like I do in the other classes.
So take a read and please send me a reply if you're interested! 


Fee:  $25 each or free with $60 catalogue order
3 hours
This workshop requires a minimum of 4 participants, and a maximum of 8

This one's a doozy, but well worth it!

The way a card buffet works is that I will have 10 different selections for you to choose from.  During the workshop you will make 8 cards, choosing whichever styles you like the best (multiples are okay too, if you really like one style).  The cards will be displayed with containers behind each, full of all the supplies you need to complete them, ready for you to use.  You take a box to your seat and craft away!  Each buffet will feature a different selection of cards for you to choose from, so when you fall in love, we can book you another one right away! :)

If you wish to make extra cards once you have completed your 8, the charge is $2.00 per additional card.

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