Monday, March 19, 2012

Mojo Monday 233 - Everybunny

Mojo Monday on time 2 weeks in a row!  I hosted a card buffet this afternoon and I wasn't sure if I was going to get to this sketch on time, but I did!  Usually I just hang out and help or demonstrate techniques during a card buffet, but today I actually got to do a bit of stamping.

 That consisted of stamping and colouring this image only, but it's more than I usually do.  I am pretty much in love with this cute little guy (whom I have named Belvedere).  After I stamped and coloured the images I put them on my desk and did my clean up after the ladies were all gone.  I came back into the house, downloaded this week's sketch and knew I could use my newly stamped image!

I chose some pretty traditional Easter colours and swapped out the strip of scalloped paper for the decadent pleated satin.  I don't usually make card that have all of the paper and images flat, so the ribbon and flower gave me some much needed dimension.  Tomorrow I think I'll play with this set a little more and see what else I can come up with.


  1. Beautiful, Crystal! Love this sweet image and your ruffled ribbon / rolled flower combination! Thanks for playing Mojo Monday!

  2. Very cute card Crystal.

    Quick question. I just watched the 'rolled' flower tutorial...I haven't done a lot with paper flowers, but I love the look of yours. I understand how to do the rolled flower, but how do you get the outer layers scalloped?

  3. Thanks ladies! Janice - I used the scalloped circle punch to make the edges scalloped. If you don't have a scallop punch - get one! ;) But in the meantime, you can just manually cut the edge of your circle in with scallops. Time consuming, but I prefer scalloped edges to not. And a tip - if you're using cardstock, you might want to rough it up a little before cutting the spiral. Maybe run it through a crimper or just smush it around in your hands a bit. This will soften up the look of your final flower. Let me know how it goes!