Thursday, February 9, 2012


Wow.  I have really been lacking in the blog department lately.  I'm going to try and get back to writing an entry each Saturday, but don't hold your breath...

Last month (actually, it was only 2 weeks ago), we put together this card for one of my stampers' clubs.  It's a super simple layout and we put it together in a jiffy.  I love the different layers and textures, but the ribbon flower really takes the cake on this one.

With Stampin' Up's new pleated ribbon, this flower came together in a matter of seconds.  I punched a 1 1/4" circle out of a double-sided sticky sheet and peeled one side off so that I could attach it to a circle of cardstock to give it some weight.  After that, I simply started with my ribbon along the outside edge of the circle, pressing it onto the adhesive about 3mm in depth.  Try and make the ribbon lie flat as you adhere it to the circle so that you really get to see the detail of the pleats.  Once I got to the inside I clipped the end off and added a pearl for a final detail.  Note:  I'd suggest NOT cutting a length of ribbon to make your flower.  Just use the ribbon as it comes off the roll and then clip it where you want.  This way ensures that you won't run out before it's finished, and you won't end up wasting any that you don't need.

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