Monday, February 20, 2012

Brayer Technique

My best friend was here from out of town this weekend so on Saturday night we had a few people over, got a little silly, and stayed up wayyyyyy too late.  Of course I was still up at 6:30 but stayed in bed until 7:30 so as not to wake up our guests.

7:30 was still a sleep-in so I felt the need to get up and get going.  I'm not sure everyone else felt the same, but I had promised a nice big breakfast upon waking, so I didn't hear any complaints.  Now, it's after noon and I am the only person in the house that is awake.  Aforementioned best friend has a three year-old son (bouncy bouncy bouncy) and doesn't often get time away from him.  However, he's out ice fishing with his dad today, so mama gets a little well-deserved rest.  I had grand plans for us to make cards all afternoon, but a rare nap seems too good to pass up so I sent her back to bed for a bit.

Knowing that I had company this weekend, I left all of my work in my office, so I found myself with some guilt-free surfing time.  I've been meaning to try out some techniques with my brayer and I finally did.

I watched a tutorial and then flew at it.  It took a few tries before I could get it to look how I wanted, but I'm pretty pleased.

The picture doesn't really capture all of the colours very well, but it's So Saffron layered with Calypso Coral.  I love how the back matting makes such a bold statement.  I was going to stamp a sentiment up in the right corner, but I like it plain - I think.

Happy crafting!

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