Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All You Need Is Love (and great cardstock)

Making cards requires all sorts of goodies, but you really can't do much without a base.  White cardstock covered in patterned paper or stamps is fine, but it's a little boring.  Having a nice rich cardstock as a base gives cards the extra bit without a whole lot of work.

Stampin' Up cardstock comes in packages of 24 sheets for $8.50.  You want your ink and paper to match, so sticking with Stampin' Up is the way to go.  The paper is great, and so is the price, but many people don't really need 24 pieces of the same colour. Never fear, I have a solution for you!

Get together with a few friends that also want to get some great cardstock.  Take a look at the colour collections, and figure out how many you want to get.  Depending on how many people you get together, and what volume you want, each of you can order a package or two, and when they come in I will sort the papers into your own individualized packages.  This way you get a great selection of paper without having to commit to a whole package.

Example - if you got 4 ladies together and each bought 1 package, you would each get 6 pieces of 4 different colours.  You'd each pay $9.52 and have enough paper to make a myriad of cards, and other goodies.  On orders of 10 packages or more, I am offering a 10% discount.  If you're interested in doing this, I can work out how much each member would have to pay to get whatever combination of papers you'd like. 

Alternatively, I have a wide selection of paper in stock, and could make you your own mixed package for the same price.  You can print off a list of colours here and choose how many pieces of each you would like.  Custom Paper Order

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