Saturday, August 13, 2011

Petite Pocket

Yes, I am officially the world's worst blogger.  I get a little side-tracked by the sun.  July was the worst month EVER for weather (rain, EVERYDAY), so since the sun's been out, so have I.

However, I have made a commitment to myself to create at least 2 little projects each day and it seemed like the perfect time to try out this die.  I love the size of it (perfect for a gift card or some cash - if you wanted to fold a scratch and win, they would fit too).  I tried a few options out, but seem to have misplaced them and this is the only one I took a picture of.  Hope you like it!

It really didn't take very long to put this little baby together.  A few runs through the BS, punch a few scallops and crunch them up, add a little glue and voila!  ( I love that word.)

I've got a few new fun things to play with this afternoon that I picked up on a mid-week weekend trip to Kelowna.  I'd been trying to get into this store on the past couple of trips but I was always there on a Sunday and wasn't in town when she opened up.  It's a good thing that this was my first trip in there or I'd probably be living in a box by now due to over-spending.  If you're in the Kelowna area, or need a reason to go there, this store  Ever After is a must see.  The girl in there is just about the loveliest person you've ever met, and clearly passionate about what she does.  Though I went in there telling myself I'd just buy a few sheets of paper, I somehow managed to come out spending $120.  Hmmm....  Weird how that happens...  Tomorrow I'll post some pics of the new things I picked up there.

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