Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So Many Candles

 On the weekend, my friend Christa and I decided we're going to train for a 10k run in October.  Apparently you can learn to run this far in only 13 weeks (training 3 times per week).  We'll see.  Anyways, we're off to a good start.  We did a 7km walk on Saturday, and then our first day of training on Monday.  For something to do yesterday some friends and I hiked up into the Trophy Mountains.  It was AMAZING.  And 12km long.  Uphill (the way in was anyways).  So today, I told myself I could do absolutely nothing.

 So, this morning, while working hard at doing nothing (aka - surfing the internet for two hours) I saw a facebook post in which my very best friend posted a pic of a card she made.  I love the fun papers that she used.  I think it's a perfect cake for a little guy.  I stole her idea and made it a little more grown up.  Thanks Jen!

This is a perfect way to use up all of those little scraps of paper you've been hoarding.  I cut mine to 2.5" high, and they were probably about 2" wide.  I used a BBQ skewer to roll them up on, then loosened them a little to get the depth I wanted.  For the wick I used some hemp twine and shot a little bit of hot glue in the top to hold it all together.

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