Sunday, November 13, 2011

Winter Post

I love this set.  I neglected it for a little while, but now it fills my thoughts.  I really like this colour pallet for a vintage feel, and think the frayed ribbon tops it off really nicely.  I've seen a bunch of cards that have tags on the front, and thought it was high time for me to try one as well.


It was a little serendipitous that I happened to be using this set this morning.  We've got a nice layer of fresh powdery snow and Lily (my dog) was outside romping around in it.  She started running back and forth across the back patio and barking like crazy, but not her usual "Here comes the garbage man" bark.  It was more like "Woah!  What the heck!"  So I got up from my table and looked out the front to see if there were kids on the street.  Nope.  No car either.  No neighbour shoveling his driveway.  It was a mystery.  That is, until I looked down at the freshly fallen snow and saw little deer prints across the yard, along our pathway, and right in front of the fence.

There's something magical about living in the country.

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