Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photo Gifts

I find that at Christmas I like to give family members a nice photo of me & the fam, but I think giving a frame each year is a little much.  Really, how many framed photos does my best friend want of me?  Here's my solution.

This is a huge clothespin (the photo is a standard 4X6 to give you an idea of scale).  My good friend Modpodge makes an appearance here in adhering and sealing the paper to the peg.  Add a little stamped image and some bling and you're ready to rock and roll.  I found the pegs at a little store in town, and used some scrap paper to cover it up.  Cute, fast, inexpensive, and your friends can change out the picture whenever they want.

ps) The good looking dog in the photo is my dad's German Shepherd, Panzer.  He's about the sweetest dog you'll ever meet.  My so-ugly-you're-cute dog, Lily (she's a boxer), will make an appearance sometime later next week.

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