Monday, February 8, 2016

Back From the Dead

You know what I hate?  When I blog that I really like goes dead.  No warning  No lead-in to allow me to get used to it.  No time to mourn.  In saying that, I really don't know that this blog has anyone that feels even remotely that way, but I was reminded of my blog a few weeks ago by someone who followed it before I dropped into the abyss.  So what happened?  If you care, in 2014 I was finishing a gruelling master's program.  Upon finishing that I basically entered into a bit of a hibernatory state.  I kept making cards but was so freaking drained from school that I didn't have the energy to post again.    That fall my school amalgamated with another and I then had almost 300 kids to  track instead of 150.  That was an adjustment!  And then in 2015 we bought a new (super old) house.  Since June we've been up to our eyeballs in renovations.  In between I have also managed to fit in a bit of traveling (Equador - Galapagos Islands!; Nicaragua; Costa Rica; Mexico).  We're still in the middle of renovations (it currently sounds like I'm in the middle of a construction zone.... Oh.  Wait.  I am.) but I'm ready to come back to the blogging world!

This card is made using a set from the new catalogue.  I.  Love.  It.  Though I can't say that it's going to take the place of Gorgeous Grunge as my favourite, it's going to be a close call.  I started out my making something entirely different, but just wasn't feeling it.  Through a series of small changes I ended up with a completely different card - this little gem.  I'm loving it.  I can see that it would be lovely in a variety of different colour combos...  Might have to try one with Island Indigo next...

So, for anyone that's still around, thanks for reading!

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