Sunday, January 8, 2012

Joy Fold

I am ADDICTED to Pinterest.  It is the worst time-hole of all.  I'll give myself 10 minutes before I go to bed, and then I look at the clock and realize I've just spent an hour farting around.  However, you can find some really good stuff whilst doing just that.  I've seen a bunch of pins with these little seeds colour pallets and never bothered to find the source.  I did yesterday though!

This morning as I was doing my regular rounds of my favourite blogs I found a joy fold card on Mary Fish's site.  I immediately wanted to make one.  The many layers lend themselves to a multi-colour card well.  Then I remembered the pallet, and voila!

I was rather pleased with myself after making this one.  So I call my husband in and proudly show him,"Isn't this a nice one?"  His response:  "It's pretty busy.  I mean, for mailing, you know.  It's really...thick."  I'll tell you something that's really thick alright.  Dud moment for him on that one.

Whether or not he thinks it's a great as I do, it was fun to make and I think I'll try and find a way to work this into my next stamp class.  The Tea Shoppe set was the perfect match for these colours too.  Overall, I think of my granny-twin tea cousin when I look at this card.  Yep, that's you Amber. :)

I made a little flap on the back of this card to act as a stand so that it could be displayed once it was opened.  It's got just a nice little space inside for writing a little note to a lovely friend.

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