Monday, October 10, 2011

Illusions of Grandeur

My best friend was here for the Thanksgiving weekend and we got a night sans enfants.  This is a very rare happening (the first time ever, actually) so what did we do with our time?  That's right.  We brewed a pot of coffee and stayed up late crafting.  (Sadly, my idea of late is about 10:30.)

Along with a barrage of Christmas cards, I knew I wanted to try and make something different for a couple of craft fairs I've got coming up next month.  After some surfing on Pinterest, this is what I found.   Kojo Designes - Tea Wreath.  Sadly, my attempt at this unique project didn't turn out.  My measurements were funny and it was approximately the size of Bolivia - not exactly suitable for hanging in the kitchen of an ordinary home.  Had it turned out even remotely like the one I found, it would have been making it's way to my lovely tea-lover cousin.  However, I decided that I would save myself from being the target of sniggers, and my cousin from pitying looks and rip it apart to make something else.  Fear not, dear readers, I will ride again.  Just not today.

What the heck does this have to do with anything?  Well, I tore the pins off of the wreath (yes, it was satisfying) and thought they would make cute magnets.  I cut a little strip of cardstock and stuck 2 pegs together and then added a heavy-duty magnet to that layer.  One peg wasn't quite wide enough to really hold the magnet, or show off this glorious paper.  I've put them in groups of three and am planning on giving a few sets to my colleagues (teachers love magnets) and wrapping the rest up for the craft fair.

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