Sunday, September 9, 2012

Clockworks Birthday

I know.  I'm the worst blogger ever.  As soon as life gets busy, this thing takes a backseat.  And let me tell you, August was busy.  How was I supposed to fit in blogging when I was busy acting as a human rotisserie in the sun?

Anywho, I did get in a few hours of sun this morning, but now that it's September, it's not the same so I finally got back out to my craftroom.  My dad's birthday is coming up next week and I wanted to make him a nice card.  I used Plane and Simple last year, and used Toolsheed for my brother, so those two were out.  Not to fear!  I got this new set (Clockworks) this week and it seemed perfect.  Only about halfway through the card did I realize how suiting it is to use a clock for a birthday card.  Another reminder that time keeps passing....